Prep + Finish Hair Spray Set

£30 £32

This set includes:

- Fix + Finish Hair Spray 250ml

- Prep + Protect Hair Spray 250ml

Fix + Finish Spray: Our vegan Fix + Finish spray is the final step to your hair routine, simply spray 2-3 times 6 inches away from your head lightly covering your hair and/or beard to lock in your hair style. Complete with added Argan Oil to provide moisture to your hair. 

Prep + Protect Spray: Our vegan Prep + Protect spray is the first step to your hair routine, shake well then spray 2-3 times covering your hair and/or beard to ensure complete heat protection and nourish your hair with vitamins.

The Science: With the use of heat on your hair, protection is best gained in more than one area. With conditioners to protect from drying, Prep + Protect will restore, revive and feed your hairs shaft. Containing pro-vitamin B5 which moisturises, coats and seals the hair surface, Wheat Germ – which contains Vitamin E, thiamine, zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids and Wheat Proteins for anti static and moisturising. Heat protecting silicones then coat the moisturised hair, leaving a silky feel, plus giving the added benefit of a protective coat against any heat, sun, wind or everyday damage. Ideal for all hair types, no need to rinse. 


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