At Dexter Grooming, we believe it is important all of our hair care products are both vegan and cruelty free.

So, what is the difference between Vegan and Cruelty-Free products?


Firstly, a product can be vegan without being cruelty-free and vice versa, however all of our products are both Vegan and Cruelty-Free. A vegan product is one that doesn’t contain any animal by-products. A by-product can be an animal ingredient or an animal-derived ingredient. For example; a Vegan hair wax wouldn’t contain the ingredient beeswax as this comes directly from bees. To most people the term ‘vegan’ should also imply that the product isn’t tested on animals however this isn’t regulated so go easy on the assumptions. A product can be tested on animals and still legally claim to be ‘vegan’. 


A product that is labelled cruelty-free would have been produced without any form of animal testing throughout the creation and production process. And yes, there is a difference between the ‘creation’ part and the ‘production’ part as this stops brands from say not testing the final product on animals but throughout the production process doing the opposite. It even extends to any third parties too. Sometimes a product will state it is ‘required by law’ to test on animals to comply with various legislation around the world. But, even so always remember that these products are 100% not cruelty-free. At Dexter NONE of our products are tested on animals, as we believe we should be able to have a slick hairstyle without testing on animals.