Here at Dexter Grooming when it comes to sustainability and men’s grooming, we believe that both of these need to work in synchronicity with each other. Sacrificing our own incredible planet just so we can have a slick hairstyle doesn’t sit well with us, at the same time we recognise we are accustomed to looking sharp and feeling our best with the help of a few products. 

We are trying our best to offer the best of both worlds at Dexter Grooming, so you can still enjoy the highest quality and most convenient hair care products without sacrificing our planet. It’s really important to us that the contents of your bathroom cabinet is more conscious, and we help toward this by providing recyclable and reusable packaging solutions that can be disposed of without damaging our earth. At Dexter we’re more than happy to take on this responsibility and be accountable for our products' waste, so you don’t have to. 

We have devoted ourselves to only using sustainable products within our mailing process. This includes recyclable mailing boxes and labels, including the contents of our box inserts and guides able to be recycled and made from already recycled materials. 



As for our Dexter Grooming hair care; our products are produced in the United Kingdom, which is where we are based. This is important to us as we can have confidence within the quality of our ingredients. As well as keeping our carbon footprint lower by minimising product transportation via air or sea freight.

According to statistics 50% of business waste is composed of paper, so we believe it’s important for us to go paperless to cut our paper use completely. This is why we have chosen to go paperless at Dexter Grooming. 

We have chosen to do our part online by having a Carbon-Neutral Website. Data centres (which host websites) have historically been a big source of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. As our online store is hosted on the Shopify Platform, In 2018 Shopify shifted all of it’s servers entirely to Google cloud, with this change our Website is now carbon neutral as Google matches 100% of the energy consumed by Google Cloud with renewable energy.

No single person or business can solve climate change alone, we admire all the other brands that have taken on this challenge with us to make a difference. In the future, we are always looking for new ways in which we can improve our sustainability and we urge you to join us on our journey.