Our Dexter Heated Styler uses Negative Ion Technology, the result of this being less frizz, more hydration to create soft, shiny and healthy hair. Ions are particles that exist in all objects and are electrically charged. When we brush and style our hair it charges our hair full of positive ions that create static electricity , this causes hair strands to repel from each other and creates frizz. 


The Dexter Styler emits a constant flux of negatively charged ions that interpose between each hair neutraliSing the frizz effect and causing each hair to return to its proper place. In addition, negative ions can break water molecules in our wet hair and convert them into micro particles. In this way, being more distributed and being smaller it is possible to dry damp hair quicker and with less use of heat. Another advantage is that some of these micro particles are absorbed by our hair, being able to penetrate the capillary structure and returning it part of its natural hydration. The result being the hair is more hydrated, soft and shiny.


The Dexter Styler contains internal parts that are coated with ceramic and tourmaline. The ceramic coating allows the heat to be distributed evenly and the temperature is kept constant, reducing the thermal shock. Tourmaline, when heated, is responsible for generating negative ions.