To turn on the styler, ensure it is plugged in and switched on at the socket, hold the centre button down for 3 seconds until the light turns on. To turn off the styler, hold the centre button down for 3 seconds until the light is off, switch off at the socket and unplug. Once the styler is on, switch between heat settings by pressing the centre button once. 


You can use the Styler on damp or dry hair. For best results, prepare your hair by using our Prep + Protect spray to achieve your desired style and protect your hair from any heat damage. To use the Styler, brush through your hair or beard in the desired direction. To make the hairs straighter, brush through slower, repeat this process until you have achieved your desired look. To lock in your hairstyle for a longer lasting result spray our Fix + Finish Spray a few times over your hair. 


The Dexter Heated Styler has 5 different heat settings; 150°c, 170°c, 190°c, 210°c and 230°c. It’s important to use the right temperature on your hair to achieve the best results and prevent hair damage. We advise you use our Prep + Protect spray to 

150°c - This is the lowest heat setting, used for thinner hair.

170°c - This setting is also used for thinner hair or hair that is chemically treated / coloured.

190°c - For hair of medium thickness, also suitable for shorter beards.

210°c - For Medium - Thick hair, ideal for most longer beards.

230°c - To be used on coarse / curly or thick hair. 


To use our Prep + Protect, spray 2-3 times covering all of your hair and or your beard. Make sure to do this before using our heated styler to protect from heat damage. This can also be used without our Styler, for everyday protection to provide your hair with moisture and protect from sun, wind and heat.


To use our Fix + Finish, spray 2-3 times to seal in your hairstyle, for a longer lasting result throughout the day. Allow a few seconds for the spray to dry before touching your hair or beard.