Welcome to Dexter Grooming, we’re glad you’re here.


We love simplicity even more than we love grooming, that’s why Dexter Grooming was created in 2019 by two best friends; we believe life should be easier! So those using Dexter can simplify their lives by saving time on their daily routine, whilst using cutting edge technology to create their perfect hairstyle. 

Dexter is built on 3 key values:

  • Make life easier
  • Push boundaries to the limit
  • Respect the planet and everything within it

The products we have designed have a strong focus on minimalism and simplicity to getting a perfect hair style in little time. Why spend an hour every morning in the mirror, using hairdryers, wax, conditioner, brushes, and layers of hairspray to achieve your hairstyle for the day? It’s expensive to maintain and time consuming, but at the same time you don’t want to look scruffy, right? That’s why we’ve developed the Dexter Styling Comb and Sprays, to take away the expense and make your routine simple. Taking under 10 seconds to reach full heat, you can use our styler to create your ideal hairstyle in under 2 minutes and lock it in all day with a few sprays. 

Your hair in good hands. We pride ourselves on using only Vegan and Cruelty-Free ingredients in our products, we don’t use any harsh chemicals that may damage your hair or affect any colour on your hair.