How To Keep Your Beard + Face Itch Free During Winter

We're back at that time of year again, it is getting colder outside, the radiators are being turned back on and you notice your skin and beard itching more than usual. Especially if you have a beard you may notice it's feeling dier than you would like. So why is this happening and what can we do to combat dry and itchy skin?

So, why is our skin and beard drying out during winter?

The answer being, it's a combination of factors. However the main issue is the decrease in humidity. 

The outermost layer of our skin is made up of dead skin cells formed together using a protective layer over the living skin cells underneath. When the drier winter air steals the moisture from our skin, the outermost layer tightens causing the tight dry skin we experience. If enough moisture is lost, the outer layer can crack and flake resulting in itchy and irritated skin.

This is similar for your beard, our skin's moisture helps to keep the beard hairs hydrated, so when our skin loses moisture, our beard isn't getting as much of its natural oils.

So how can we prevent this from happening?

ONE. Avoid hot showers. There's nothing better than a hot shower after a day in the cold. However, hot water will also dry your hair and beard out so instead opt for a warm shower.

TWO. Don't over-use your heater. In particular radiators and storage heaters are the worst for drying your skin and hair out. Instead try a hoodie or a thick blanket before putting the heating on, you may finding yourself saving money on electricity and gas bills as well!

THREE. Proper hair and beard care. Use moisturising products such as our Prep + Protect spray, this will help to keep the moisture in your hair and beard as well as protect it from heat. 

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